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About the Retail Store

Hudson House is a high-end retail souvenir store located next to the world-famous "Steam Clock" in historical Gastown.  Unlike any other store in Vancouver, this store recreates the atmosphere of what it was like 400 years ago during the Fur Trade.  This "journey" begins as soon as you enter the store and are greeted by our two famous five foot RCMP officers ("Paws" the Black Bear and "Melvin" the Moose).  A few steps in, you begin to see fir trees, york boats, shake roofs, cedar ceilings, and brick walls.  You begin to get a taste of Canadian history. 


As you continue your journey you notice amongst many things a life-size maple tree, a water wheel fountain, a teepee shaped dressing room, a log cabin, and an old wagon used for transporting goods during the fur trade.  We have used recycled materials from the past such as barn wood, birch, and pine in our store displays to rekindle your imagination of an old fashioned trading post.  You can even smell the wood as you enter the store. 


Since Hudson House opened four years ago,it has established an excellent reputation for offering quality "Canadiana" product at great prices with superb customer service.  Our theme of an old-fashioned trading post from the fur trade era of the 1600's is perfect for showcasing true Canadian product like maple syrup, totem poles, inukshuks, dream catchers, sheepskin mocassins, and raccoon tail hats.  Being on the Canadian westcoast, we also carry outdoor brands like Columbia, The North Face and Timberland to meet our customer's growing needs and demands.  And since we are located in one of Canada's most fashionable cities, we carry brands such as Puma and Oakley.  


Not only does our store provide Canadians with a sense of pride and identity, it allows tourists from all over the world to get a flavour of Canadian heritage in a "one-stop-shop."  Together with great product and exceptional customer service we are proud to be a market leader and innovator.

About Hudson House

In 1885, the Hudson's Bay Company built the Hudson House as its main warehouse for fur and liquor products. Designed by W.T. Dalton in a Richardsonian Romanesque Architectural Style, Hudson House was owned by the Hudson's Bay Company for 60 years.  It was then renovated in 1977 by architect Werner Foster in order to accommodate offices and retail.  From this location, the company did booming business outfitting prospectors and supplying provisions and mining equipment during the Klondike gold rush.

Formed in 1670, The Hudson's Bay Company is the oldest chartered trading company in the world. For many years it controlled the fur and retail trade in all of western and northern Canada. It opened its first retail store on Cordova Street in 1887, later relocating to Granville Street.



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