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Product Qty.
7769A- 1
MS-5P-5 pcs. Maple Sugar Candy 1
8021007-Dolphin Necklace 1
04260-Rosewood Sun Mask Trivet 1
53011-Set of 4 Raven Coasters 1
10204-Colorful Leaves Tote Bag 1
DC301BR-Brown Beaded Dreamcatcher 1
10200-Colorful Leaves T-Towel 1
CG9-Set of 6 Glass Eagle Coasters 1
08700-Maple Leaf Oven Mit 1
66570-'The Simpsons' Bottle Opener 1
51207-Salmon Delux Tote Bag 1
04321-1-Moose Ivory Grinder 1
CP2SAV34-Buttercream Maple Leaf Soap 1
51521-Bear Box Trivet 1
02193-Thunderbird/Bear Totem Pole 1
04204-Raven Spirit Box 1
08757-Maple Leaf Pouch 1
04306-Rosewood Maple Leaf Coaster 1
TM29H-Eagle Travel Mug 1
53014-Ravin Shot Glass 1
7599101-Small Cedar Maple Leaf Box 1
R021-2.5-2.5" Jade Bear 1
53005-Raven T-Towel 1
BEAR-Wooden Bear Claws 1
F29-Leather Zipper Pouch 1
70701-Two-in-One Toy 1
07305-'Morrie' Moose in Mini Can 1
RC-MP-21-11" RCMP Black Bear 1
K310-Pewter Orca Keyring 1
HW-01-7 1
2226ZP-Maple Leaf w/Smile Zipper Pull 1
MB-13H-6 1
WM-02- Large Wall Moose-Head 1
RC-KC-02-RCMP Moose Keychain 1
CH701-Pewter Thunderbird Cardholder 1
HK-957-Large Black Shoulder Bag 1
L3 (V)-Pewter Salmon Letter Opener 1
CELL1-Dreamcatcher Cell Phone Charm 1
TQ18-Eagle Woven Tuque 1
1551532298-'Portrait of Vancouver' Softcover Book 1

Subtotal: $907.54


If you would like to remind yourself of the remarkable beauty of British Columbia, the Rockies, and Canada in general, then take a look at our collection of hard and soft cover books. Taken by some of Canada's most renowned photographers, the pictures that are featured capture the sheer beauty of the landscape and lifestyle.   


'The Canadian Rockies'

1551531909-'The Canadian Rockies' Hardcover Book
'The Canadian Rockies' by Douglas Leighton. Best-Selling Book on the Rockies that Captures the Magic and Majesty of the Candian Rockies. It is a Softcover.

Price: Only $32.95! (USD)


'Greater Vancouver'

1551531712-'Greater Vancouver' Hardcover Book
'Greater Vancouver' by Douglas Leighton. On Page after Page of this Stunning Book, Spectacular Vistas Alternate with Exquisite Details of Greater Vancouver. It is a Hardcover.

Price: Only $32.95! (USD)


'Portrait of Vancouver'

1551532298-'Portrait of Vancouver' Softcover Book
'Portrait of Vancouver' by Altitude Publishing. Taking you through the Most Scenic and Picturesque Areas of Vancouver, this Book Highlights teh Diverse and Colorful Culture and Heritage of Vancouver. It is a Softcover.

Price: Only $16.95! (USD)


'Portrait of British Columbia'

155153181X-'Portrait of BC' Softcover Book
'Portrait of British Columbia' by Al Harvey. This Book Encompasses all that you need to know about British Columbia. It Includes Beautiful Photographs and Explanations of the Areas being Discussed. It is a Softcover.

Price: Only $16.95! (USD)


'Vancouver Panorama'

1551531844-'Vancouver Panorama' Softcover Book
'Vancouver Panorama' by Altitude Publishing. This Book Features Page after Page of Beautiful Photographs of Vancouver in the Night and Day. It is a Softcover.

Price: Only $16.95! (USD)


'Vancouver: A History in Photographs'

1551539284-'Vancouver: A History in Photographs' Softcover Book
'Vancouver: A History in Photographs' by Aynsley Vogel & Dana Wyse. In 112 Pages, this Book Features 150 Striking Images that Capture Vancouver in Every Phase of its Growth from an almost Inaccessible Logging Town, to the Jewel of the Pacific Rim. An Entertaining Chronicle, this Vancouver Photo History is Essential for Every Visitor and Resident. This is a Softcover.

Price: Only $16.95! (USD)


'Totem Poles'

1551536390-'Totem Poles' Softcover Book
'Totem Poles' by Pat Kramer. This 112 page book Features:
*Full-Color Photographs with Extensive Descriptions of Spectacular Totem Poles
* Learn how to Carve a Totem Pole
* Experience a Pole-Raising Ceremony
* Archival Images of Historical Poles
This is a Soft-Cover.

Price: Only $21.95! (USD)


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