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Contents of Shopping Cart
Product Qty.
DC15-P-Dreamcatcher Necklace w/Feather 1
WM-02- Large Wall Moose-Head 1
53014-Ravin Shot Glass 1
MB-330-AUT-330g Maple Butter 1
6-18X/041-12 Tea Bags Maple Tea 1
717 - 50ml Classic Glass Maple Syrup 1
JC900-18 Maple Cream Cookies 1
6-18X/026-12 Tea Bags Ice Wine Tea 1
0731-227g Smoked Salmon 1
T204-250ml Single Tin Maple Syrup 1
BDROPMS-Moose Droppings 1
CF-250-AUT-250g Maple Coffee 1
50162-Rogers' Chocolates Special Selection 1
4324A-6 1
7589A- 1
AFM359-Black Bear Framed Art Card 1
AC575- 1
7444A-Copper 1
AFM344- 1
3046A-9 1
3080A-9 1
AFM928- 1
7441A-Copper 1
AC586- 1
7438A-Copper 1
AFM575- 1
AFM332-- 1
7440A- Copper 1
1011030-Maple Leaf Studs 1
1045165-Whale Jade Necklace 1
DH4041-14KY Diamond Bear Dangles 1
NC6-Clay Sun Cord Pendant 1
DP4106-Little Leaf Diamond Necklace 1
DR4060-Mother and Cub Diamond Ring 1
MN212-Two Strand Wood/Bone Choker 1
522Z-Inukshuk Cord Pendant 1
DP4060-Mother and Cub Diamond Necklace 1
1021074-Jade Polar Bear Necklace 1
15390-Men's Camel Moccassins w/Sole 1
261B-Brown Sheepskin Slippers 1
M741-Men's Tan Cowhide Mocassins 1
2074-Women's Sweide Ankle Boots 1
368I-Iridescent Maple Silhouette Ornament 1
297-Set of 3 Maple Ornaments 1
1000G-Gold Leaves Christmas Tree Ball 1
9401-003-Eagle Christmas Tree Ball 1
1551536390-'Totem Poles' Softcover Book 1
155153181X-'Portrait of BC' Softcover Book 1
1551532298-'Portrait of Vancouver' Softcover Book 1
1551531909-'The Canadian Rockies' Hardcover Book 1
1551539284-'Vancouver: A History in Photographs' Softcover Book 1
1551531844-'Vancouver Panorama' Softcover Book 1
1551531712-'Greater Vancouver' Hardcover Book 1
BB401-Eagle Belt Buckle 1
TQ18-Eagle Woven Tuque 1
M503-Pewter Maple Leaf Money Clip 1
CELL1-Dreamcatcher Cell Phone Charm 1
53032RB-Red/Black Silk Raven Scarf 1
5520R-Red Maple Leaf Silk Tie 1
F29-Leather Zipper Pouch 1
HK-957-Large Black Shoulder Bag 1
K310-Pewter Orca Keyring 1
CH701-Pewter Thunderbird Cardholder 1
L3 (V)-Pewter Salmon Letter Opener 1
2226ZP-Maple Leaf w/Smile Zipper Pull 1
7599101-Small Cedar Maple Leaf Box 1
07305-'Morrie' Moose in Mini Can 1

Subtotal: $2,609.09


Who says that toys and games are only for children?  When you've got the softest of fabrics used on the plush, as well as the most creative attire, our stuffed toys become anyone's buddy!  Whether it be from our moose collection, RCMP collection, wall toy collection, or any of our other stuffed animal collections, we carry the most unique and cuddly toys that you'll ever feast your eyes on!  Being Canadiana items, they also make wonderful souvenirs!  Our selection of native and innovative playing cards are also extremely popular, as well as our exquisite chess set and cribbage boards that we have on offer.  Our log cabins also make a very unique and creative gift for those that enjoy a challenge and enjoy something different and unique. 

Hot Sellers!

6" Polar Bear with Hoodie

Take Home a Dressed-Up Sugar, who is an Adorable 6" White Bear with a Maple Leaf Embroidery on it's right Paw and who comes in a Red Fleece Hoodie with a Canada Embroidery Across the Chest.

Price: Only $18.99! (USD)


5" RCMP Moose Keychain

RC-KC-02-RCMP Moose Keychain
Cute and Collectable Official RCMP Plush Moose Keychain!

Price: Only $6.99! (USD)


11" RCMP Black Bear

RC-MP-21-11" RCMP Black Bear

Adorable 11" Official RCMP Black Bear that is Clad in an Adorable Hat and Outfit!

Price: Only $16.99! (USD)


Mini Canned Moose

07305-'Morrie' Moose in Mini Can
Morrie is a Cute Plush Moose in a Mini Can. He is our Best Selling Canned Critters!

Price: Only $7.99! (USD)


Large Moose Wall Mount

WM-02- Large Wall Moose-Head
Adorn your Wall with a Moose-Head, which is one of Canada's Most Sought-After Heads! This is a Real Spin on the Traditional Plush Toys!

Price: Only $44.99! (USD)


7" Howling Wolf

Adorabale 7" Plush Howling Wolf.

Price: Only $11.99! (USD)


2-in-1 Beaver/Polar Bear

70701-Two-in-One Toy
Two-in-One Toy!! An Extremely Innovative Plush Toy that is a Beaver on One Side, and then can be Flipped to be a Polar Bear on the Other Side! Made from the Softest of Fibres, this is a Highly Recommended Item!

Price: Only $12.99! (USD)


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