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For The Home

Shopping for souvenirs that are practical and creative is just what Hudson House is all about!  So we are proud to offer a wide variety of items that serve a purpose in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.  Examples of such items are our wonderful wooden pasta/salad bear claw and moose spoons, as well as the varying motifs of kitchen aprons, tea towels, trivets, mugs, etc. that we carry. Also make sure to check out our beautiful woolen blankets!


We are also proud to showcase body care products that are completely new and unique!  And let's not forgot the humorous bear soaps that can barely stay in stock, whether it be the moose spit soap, beaver butt soap, or the elegant maple-leaf shaped soaps. 


Hot Sellers!

Bear Claws

BEAR-Wooden Bear Claws
Adorn your Kitchen with a Pair of Canadian-Made Wooden Bear Claws that Make Extremely Unique Salad and Pasta Servers! Claws are slightly different then in photograph and are not engraved as picturized.

Price: Only $22.99! (USD)


'The Simpsons' Talking Bottle Opener

66570-'The Simpsons' Bottle Opener
Hysterical 'The Simpsons- Mmmmmm Beer' Talking Bottle Opener that Automatically Sounds when Opener Touches the Bottlecap. We Guarantee that you will be Rolling on the Ground with Laughter!

Price: Only $10.99! (USD)


Native Raven Shot Glass

53014-Ravin Shot Glass
Canadian-Made Shot Glass with Native Raven Motif by the Artist Bill Helin. Make Sure to Check out all the Other Products with the Same Motif!

Price: Only $5.99! (USD)


Native Eagle Travel Mug with Handle

TM29H-Eagle Travel Mug
Elegant Travel Mug with Handle in a Brownish Shade with a Native Eagle Design by the Artist Mervin Windsor. Inside is all Stainless Steel.

Price: Only $18.99! (USD)


Set of 6 Native Eagle Glass Coasters

CG9-Set of 6 Glass Eagle Coasters
Set of 6 Beautiful Native Northwest Eagle Coasters made from Glass that come with a Coaster Holder. Artist's name is Mervin Windsor. An Extremely Unique and Elegant Item!

Price: Only $22.99! (USD)


Rosewood Maple Leaf Coaster/Mini Trivet

04306-Rosewood Maple Leaf Coaster
Beautiful Rosewood Coaster/Mini Trivet that is Carved in a Maple Leaf Design that is Made from Recycled Glass and is Heat Resistent to 340F/170C! Also is 100% Canadian Made. Highly Recommended!!

Price: Only $9.99! (USD)


Rosewood Sun Mask Trivet

04260-Rosewood Sun Mask Trivet
Stunning Rosewood Trivet Carved in a Native Sun Mask Design that is Made from Recycled Glass and is Heat Resistent to 340F/170C! Also is 100% Canadian Made. Highly Recommended!!

Price: Only $27.99! (USD)


Rosewood Moose Pepper Grinder

04321-1-Moose Ivory Grinder
Beautiful and Sophisticated Hand-Carved Moose Rosewood Grinder with Stainless Steel. Made in Canada!

Price: Only $59.99! (USD)


Single Buttercream Maple Leaf Soap

CP2SAV34-Buttercream Maple Leaf Soap
Single Buttercream Maple Leaf Shaped Soap that Comes Neatly Packaged. Make Sure to See All the Other Available Colors!

Price: Only $2.99! (USD)


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