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08757-Maple Leaf Pouch 1
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F29-Leather Zipper Pouch 1

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Did you forget to take back a souvenir for yourself or for our friends and family on your last visit to Canada?  Well on this website we give you the opportunity to purchase all those items that you thought that you would never see again.  The souvenirs that we offer range from pens and day bags, to elegant pewter cardholders and letter-openers.  We offer some great bargains so be sure to navigate the entire section!

Hot Sellers!

Orca Pewter Keyring

K310-Pewter Orca Keyring
Large Native Designed Orca Keyring that is Handcrafted with High Quality and Lead Free Canadian Pewter. The Orca, which is the Great Sea Mammal, is a Symbol of Fantasy and Superstition.

Price: Only $22.99! (USD)


Smiley Face Maple Leaf Zipper Pull

2226ZP-Maple Leaf w/Smile Zipper Pull
To Add a Touch of Canada to your Clothes, Purchase this Comical Maple Leaf Zipper Pull with Smile that is made with Canadian Pewter.

Price: Only $5.99! (USD)


Thunderbird Pewter Cardholder

CH701-Pewter Thunderbird Cardholder

Elegantly Handcrafted Thunderbird Cardholder that is 100% Lead Free and made from High Quality Canadian Pewter. Looks Great on the Desk!

Price: Only $24.99! (USD)


Salmon Pewter Letter Opener

L3 (V)-Pewter Salmon Letter Opener
Classy Canadian Made Pewter Letter Opener with a Salmon Motif. The Salmon is a Symbol of Respect. Artist's Name is Yunkws. Comes in an Elegant Velvet Box.

Price: Only $44.99! (USD)


3.5" x 5" Three Leaf Leather Wallet

F29-Leather Zipper Pouch
3.5" x 5" Zipper Leather Pouch with Extra Pocket at the Front. Has a 3 Leaf Design and is Made in Canada.

Price: Only $12.99! (USD)


Large Northern Vibe Shoulder Bag

HK-957-Large Black Shoulder Bag
Fantastic Large Black Northern Vibe Bag that has an Adjustable Shoulder Strap. Has Various Zipper and Mesh Pockets for Storing Items and is Great fro Travelling!

Price: Only $19.99! (USD)


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