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Contents of Shopping Cart
Product Qty.
MN212-Two Strand Wood/Bone Choker 1
50162-Rogers' Chocolates Special Selection 1
NC6-Clay Sun Cord Pendant 1
9401-003-Eagle Christmas Tree Ball 1
DH4041-14KY Diamond Bear Dangles 1
1551531844-'Vancouver Panorama' Softcover Book 1
3046A-9 1
AC586- 1
7441A-Copper 1
5520R-Red Maple Leaf Silk Tie 1
1045165-Whale Jade Necklace 1
CP2SAV34-Buttercream Maple Leaf Soap 1
10204-Colorful Leaves Tote Bag 1
53005-Raven T-Towel 1
AC575- 1
07305-'Morrie' Moose in Mini Can 1
4324A-6 1
04306-Rosewood Maple Leaf Coaster 1
2074-Women's Sweide Ankle Boots 1
M503-Pewter Maple Leaf Money Clip 1
L3 (V)-Pewter Salmon Letter Opener 1
TM29H-Eagle Travel Mug 1
53014-Ravin Shot Glass 1
155153181X-'Portrait of BC' Softcover Book 1
02193-Thunderbird/Bear Totem Pole 1
3080A-9 1
522Z-Inukshuk Cord Pendant 1
04260-Rosewood Sun Mask Trivet 1
JC900-18 Maple Cream Cookies 1
MB-330-AUT-330g Maple Butter 1
51207-Salmon Delux Tote Bag 1
DP4106-Little Leaf Diamond Necklace 1
6-18X/041-12 Tea Bags Maple Tea 1
1551531909-'The Canadian Rockies' Hardcover Book 1
10200-Colorful Leaves T-Towel 1
BDROPMS-Moose Droppings 1
66570-'The Simpsons' Bottle Opener 1
AFM928- 1
261B-Brown Sheepskin Slippers 1
1011030-Maple Leaf Studs 1
DP4060-Mother and Cub Diamond Necklace 1
K310-Pewter Orca Keyring 1
368I-Iridescent Maple Silhouette Ornament 1
297-Set of 3 Maple Ornaments 1
HW-01-7 1
70701-Two-in-One Toy 1
04321-1-Moose Ivory Grinder 1
DR4060-Mother and Cub Diamond Ring 1
04204-Raven Spirit Box 1
6-18X/026-12 Tea Bags Ice Wine Tea 1
MB-13H-6 1
AFM575- 1
M741-Men's Tan Cowhide Mocassins 1
08757-Maple Leaf Pouch 1
7438A-Copper 1
HK-957-Large Black Shoulder Bag 1
AFM359-Black Bear Framed Art Card 1
WM-02- Large Wall Moose-Head 1
53032RB-Red/Black Silk Raven Scarf 1
CELL1-Dreamcatcher Cell Phone Charm 1
CF-250-AUT-250g Maple Coffee 1
08700-Maple Leaf Oven Mit 1
7599101-Small Cedar Maple Leaf Box 1
1551539284-'Vancouver: A History in Photographs' Softcover Book 1
7589A- 1
AFM344- 1
RC-MP-21-11" RCMP Black Bear 1
BB401-Eagle Belt Buckle 1
TQ18-Eagle Woven Tuque 1
MS-5P-5 pcs. Maple Sugar Candy 1
DC301BR-Brown Beaded Dreamcatcher 1
1000G-Gold Leaves Christmas Tree Ball 1
53011-Set of 4 Raven Coasters 1
F29-Leather Zipper Pouch 1
1551536390-'Totem Poles' Softcover Book 1
7440A- Copper 1
AFM332-- 1
DC15-P-Dreamcatcher Necklace w/Feather 1

Subtotal: $2,894.05


There have been some brilliant artists that have come out of Canada who have not only produced high quality jewelry, but who have also produced jewelry in unique and exclusive designs that cannot be found elsewhere.  And since every woman's shopping experience just does not seem complete if an addition has not been made to the jewelry box, you must make sure to navigate the site thoroughly because we have lots to offer!  


We offer everything from Canadian Diamonds and Ammolite, to Semi-Precious, Medicine Stone, Clay, Pewter, Glacier Pearle, and Native Designed Jewelry.  Whether it be pendants, chokers, earrings, or bracelets, we have it all! 


 Hot Sellers!

Little Maple Leaf Diamond Pendant

DP4106-Little Leaf Diamond Necklace
Delicate and Beautiful Little Leaf Canadian Diamond Pendant. With a 3-Prong Setting and a Total Diamond Weight of 0.03 Cts., this Pendant is Set in 14K Yellow Gold. Comes with the 14K Italian Gold Pendant Displayed, that Uniquely Adjusts in Size from an 18" to a 16".

Price: Only $257.00! (USD)


Mother & Cub Diamond Pendant

DP4060-Mother and Cub Diamond Necklace
This is Aurora's Trademark and Most Sought-After Diamond Polar Bear Pendant! With a 3-Prong Setting and a Total Diamond Weight of 0.03 Cts, this Mother and Cub Pendant is Set in 14K Yellow Gold. Comes with the 14K Italian Gold Pendant Displayed, that Uniquely Adjusts in Size from an 18" to a 16". Make Sure to Check out its Matching Earrings!

Price: Only $287.00! (USD)


Polar Bear Diamond Hook Earrings in 18K Yellow Gold

DH4041-14KY Diamond Bear Dangles
These are Aurora's Trademark and most Sought-After Diamond Polar Bear Earrings! With a 3-Prong Setting and a Total Diamond Weight of 0.05 Cts, These Fish-Hook Earrings are Set in 14K Yellow Gold. Make Sure to Check Out its Matching Pendant!

Price: Only $284.00! (USD)


Diamond Mother & Cub Ring

DR4060-Mother and Cub Diamond Ring
New!!! Take a Look at how this Magestic Bear Protecting its Cub is Beautifully Designed as a Free Size Canadian Diamond Ring with a 0.03 Ct Diamond. Ring is Set in 14K Canadian Yellow Gold.

Price: Only $415.00! (USD)


BC Jade Bear Necklace

1021074-Jade Polar Bear Necklace

Beautiful BC Jade Polar Bear Pendant on an 18" Gold Plated Chain.

Price: Only $12.99! (USD)


BC Jade Maple Leaf Earrings

1011030-Maple Leaf Studs
Elegant 14mm BC Jade Maple Leaf Studs with Hypo-Allergenic Posts.

Price: Only $13.99! (USD)


Whale Spirit Jade Necklace

1045165-Whale Jade Necklace
Unique and Elegant Medicine Stone Whale Spirit Jade Necklace on an Adjustable Black Cord.

Price: Only $21.99! (USD)


Glacier Pearle Dolphin Necklace

8021007-Dolphin Necklace
Elegant Glacier Pearle Dolphin Necklace on an 18" Chain.

Price: Only $16.99! (USD)


2 Strand Wood/Bone Choker

MN212-Two Strand Wood/Bone Choker
Traditional and Authentic Native Designed Two Strand Wood and Bone Adjustable Choker. Make Sure to Check Out its Matching Bracelet!

Price: Only $19.99! (USD)


Dreamcatcher with Feather Necklace

DC15-P-Dreamcatcher Necklace w/Feather
Dainty 18" Dreamcatcher Necklace with a Metal Feather and a Colored Glass Bead in the Web. Make Sure to Check Out its Matching Earrings!

Price: Only $7.99! (USD)


Inukshuk Pewter Cord Pendant

522Z-Inukshuk Cord Pendant
Native Designed Large Inukshuk Necklace that is Handcrafted with High Quality and Lead Free Canadian Pewter. Comes on an Adjustable Black Cord. The Inukshuk was Used as a Guide by the Arctic and Northern Peoples for a Safe Journey through Life's Travels. Make Sure to Check Out its Matching Earrings!

Price: Only $20.99! (USD)


Clay Sun Cord Pendant

NC6-Clay Sun Cord Pendant
Authentic Native Northwest Adjustable
Black Cord Pendant with a Sun Motif. Pendant is Made from Clay. Artist's Name is Corey Bulpitt. Make Sure to Check Out its Matching Hook Earrings!

Price: Only $9.99! (USD)


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