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9404-001-Inukshuk Christmas Tree Ball 1
9404-004-Caribou Christmas Tree Ball 1
TM29H-Eagle Travel Mug 1
RC-KC-02-RCMP Moose Keychain 1
7599947-Medium Cedar Inukshuk 1
1000G-Gold Leaves Christmas Tree Ball 1
9401-001-Raven Christmas Tree Ball 1
8021007-Dolphin Necklace 1
9408-008-Autumn Spirit Christmas Tree Ball 1
9401-003-Eagle Christmas Tree Ball 1
9404-003-Polar Bear Christmas Tree Ball 1
15390-Men's Camel Moccassins w/Sole 1

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Quality and authenticity of our Canadian-Made Kabir Kouba and Cherokee-Brand mocassins are what distinguish these world-famous mocassins from all others available out there.  All mocassins are hand-made according to traditional Indian techniques handed down from one generation to the other in the Huron Village in Quebec, Canada.  Only the finest quality of leather is used by the skilled craftsman that are employed by Kabir Kouba and Cherokee-Brand.  Whether its sheepskin, rabbit fur, cowhide, moose, or elk, we carry mocassins of all sorts! 

Hot Sellers!

Clay Sheepskin Mocassins w/Rabbit Collar

261B-Brown Sheepskin Slippers
Brown Sheepskin Kabir Kouba Slippers with Rabbit Fur. Has Lovely Colorful Beadwork! Said to be the Most Comfortable Slippers on the Market! **Sizes 5-10

Price: Only $79.99! (USD)


Women's Hazelnut Sweide Ankle Boots with Fringe

2074-Women's Sweide Ankle Boots
Women's Cherokee-Brand 'Golden' Hazelnut Colored Sweide Ankle Boots with Fringe and Thread Work on the Front. Very Trendy and In Style!!
**Sizes 5-10

Price: Only $59.99! (USD)


Men's Tan Cowhide Mocassins

M741-Men's Tan Cowhide Mocassins
Men's Tan Colored Cowhide Kabir Kouba Mocassins that Look Great with Almost Anything!**Sizes 7-13

Price: Only $64.99! (USD)


Men's Moose Leather Moccasins w/Sole

15390-Men's Camel Moccassins w/Sole
Men's Cherokee-Brand Camel Colored Moose Leather Mocassins with a Sole. Extremely Soft and Comfortable!
**Sizes 7-13

Price: Only $79.99! (USD)


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