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NC6-Clay Sun Cord Pendant 1
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DH4041-14KY Diamond Bear Dangles 1
1551531844-'Vancouver Panorama' Softcover Book 1
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AC586- 1
7441A-Copper 1
5520R-Red Maple Leaf Silk Tie 1
1045165-Whale Jade Necklace 1
CP2SAV34-Buttercream Maple Leaf Soap 1
10204-Colorful Leaves Tote Bag 1

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West Coast Motifs

Have you ever bought a a beautifully designed kitchen item and regretted that an associated item was not available in that same design?  Well on this site we have something wonderful to offer you!  We have items such as oven mits, potholders, tote bags, playing cards, mugs, shot glasses, etc. available in the following 5 West Coast/Canadiana motifs:

1) Helin Raven Motif  2) Maple Leaf Motif  3)Red Flag Motif  4) Salmon Motif, and the  5) Bear Box Motif.

So decorate your home tastefully with matching kitchen utensils and linen in the beautiful motifs we have available!

Hot Sellers!

Helin Raven Tea Towel

53005-Raven T-Towel
Stunning Native Designed Raven T-Towel that is Made from 100% Cotton. The Artist is Bill Helin.

Price: Only $10.99! (USD)


Set of 4 Helin Raven Coasters

53011-Set of 4 Raven Coasters
Canadian Made Set of 4 Coasters with a Native Raven Motif Made by the Artist Bill Helin. Each Coaster is Finished with a Cork back to Protect your Table and Kitchen Counter.

Price: Only $10.99! (USD)


Maple Leaf Tea Towel

10200-Colorful Leaves T-Towel
Canadiana Colorful Maple Leaves T-Towel that is Made from 100% Cotton.

Price: Only $10.99! (USD)


Maple Leaf Tote Bag

10204-Colorful Leaves Tote Bag
Lovely Colorful Maple Leaves Tote Bag with a Red Lining on the Inside as well as a Pocket. Tote Bag says Canada on the Front and is Approximately 15" x 16" in Dimension.

Price: Only $24.99! (USD)


Red/navy Maple Leaf Oven Mit

08700-Maple Leaf Oven Mit
Canadian Made Red and Navy Maple Leaf Oven Mit with Lovely Stitching.

Price: Only $10.99! (USD)


Red/Navy Flag Coaster

08757-Maple Leaf Pouch
Multi-Use Two-Sided Red and Navy Maple Leaf Zipper Pouch that is Made with 100% Cotton. Pouch is Approximately 5" x 6" in Dimension.

Price: Only $7.99! (USD)


Anothony Joseph Delux Salmon Tote Bag

51207-Salmon Delux Tote Bag
Lovely Native-Designed Delux Wrap-Around Salmon Tote Bag that has a Blue Lining as well as a Pocket on the Inside. It is Approximately 15" x 16" in Dimension. The Artist is Anthony Joseph.

Price: Only $32.99! (USD)


Clifton Fred Bear Box Trivet

51521-Bear Box Trivet
Canadian Made Trivet/Wall Hanging with a Native Bear Box Motif Made by the Artist Clifton Fred. Trivet is Finished with a Cork back to Protect your Table and Kitchen Counter.

Price: Only $9.99! (USD)


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