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Tasty Canadian Treats

If you would like to indulge in flavors and tastes that are uniquely Canadian, then this is definitely the right place for you!  This site offers a wide and diverse range of food items that are normally available only to those who have purchased them in their travels through Canada. However, our site makes all those exclusive and rare items available to you at the mere click of a mouse!!  We sell a variety of food items such as pure Maple Syrup, Smoked Salmon, various flavored Teas, Maple Flavored Chocolates and Cookies, and much much more!! 

Hot Sellers!

Maple Syrup in Leaf Bottle- 50ml

717 - 50ml Classic Glass Maple Syrup
50ml of Canada's Best Light-Grade 100% Pure Maple Syrup in the Classic Glass Maple Leaf Shaped Bottle.

Price: Only $5.99! (USD)


Maple Syrup in Tin- 250ml

T204-250ml Single Tin Maple Syrup
250ml of Canada's Best Medium-Grade 100% Pure Maple Syrup in a Great Looking Orange Litho Tin.

Price: Only $10.99! (USD)


Smoked Sockeye Paperback-227g

0731-227g Smoked Salmon
If You Would like Something a Little larger, then go for this Delightful Pack of 227g (8 oz) of Canadian Wild Smoked Sockeye Salmon in a Paperback. Package Graphics may vary.

Price: Only $20.99! (USD)


Maple Ground Coffee-250g

CF-250-AUT-250g Maple Coffee
250g of Canadian Maple Flavoured Coffee that is made with Gourmet Arabica Beans. Maple Syrup is the Best Sweetener for this Coffee, so Make Sure to Check out our Maple Syrup Category!

Price: Only $11.99! (USD)


Original Maple Tea- 12 Tea Bags

6-18X/041-12 Tea Bags Maple Tea
12 Tea Bags (24g) of the Tasty and Famous Original Maple Tea that comes in an Autumn Wooden Box.

Price: Only $5.99! (USD)


Ice Wine Tea- 12 Tea Bags

6-18X/026-12 Tea Bags Ice Wine Tea
12 Tea Bags (24g) of Exclusive Canadian Ice Wine Tea in a Eye-Catching Wooden Box that is Perfect for all those Tea-Lovers out there!

Price: Only $5.99! (USD)


Canadian Moose Droppings

BDROPMS-Moose Droppings
Taken from the Deep Woods of Canada are these Delicious Moose Droppings! 115g (4 oz) of Chocolate Covered Almonds. Package Graphics may vary.

Price: Only $4.99! (USD)


Rogers' Chocolates Special Selection

50162-Rogers' Chocolates Special Selection
370g (13 oz) of Victoria-Made Rogers' Chocolates- 18 pcs. These are Rogers'
Special Selection of their Finest Chocolates. Makes a Beautiful Gift and it's Perfect for all you Chocolate Lovers!

Price: Only $28.99! (USD)


Original Maple Cream Cookies-18 pcs.

JC900-18 Maple Cream Cookies
The Mouthwatering Canadian Maple Leaf Cream Cookies made from 100% Pure Maple Syrup in a Picturesque Box- 18 Cookies. This is a Must-Have Item!

Price: Only $5.99! (USD)


Maple Sugar Candy- 5 pcs

MS-5P-5 pcs. Maple Sugar Candy
5 pieces of Canada's Delightful 100% Pure Maple Leaf Sugar Candy. Each one is in the shape of a Maple Leaf. These just melt in your mouth!

Price: Only $3.99! (USD)


Maple Butter- 330g

MB-330-AUT-330g Maple Butter
330g (12 oz) of Delicious 100% Pure Maple Butter in a Glass Jar with Autumn Label.

Price: Only $14.99! (USD)


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