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Contents of Shopping Cart
Product Qty.
7769A- 1
MS-5P-5 pcs. Maple Sugar Candy 1
8021007-Dolphin Necklace 1
04260-Rosewood Sun Mask Trivet 1
53011-Set of 4 Raven Coasters 1
10204-Colorful Leaves Tote Bag 1
DC301BR-Brown Beaded Dreamcatcher 1
10200-Colorful Leaves T-Towel 1
CG9-Set of 6 Glass Eagle Coasters 1
08700-Maple Leaf Oven Mit 1
66570-'The Simpsons' Bottle Opener 1

Subtotal: $169.89

Copper Wire Bracelet

WB63-Copper Maples Leaves Wire Bracelet
Extremely Popular Copper Wire Bracelet that Comes in this Elegant Maple Leaves Design. The Bracelet Adjusts to Fit your Wrist.

Price: Only $17.99! (USD)


Copper Bracelet

BR63-Copper Maple Leaves Bracelet
Lovely Adjustable Maple Leaves Bracelet in Copper.

Price: Only $15.99! (USD)


Copper Pill Box

PB63-Copper Maples Leaves Pill Box
Keep your Pills Safe, Secure, and Stylish in this Beautiful Copper Pill Box with a Maple Leaves Motif.

Price: Only $14.99! (USD)


Copper Business Card Case

CC63-Copper Maple Leaves Cardholder
Combine Elegance with Practicality with this Copper Business Card Case that Comes in this Maple Leaf Design.

Price: Only $16.99! (USD)


Copper Trinket Box

TX63-Copper Maple Leaves Trinket Box
Beautiful Copper Trinket Box with an Intricate Maple Leaves Design. The Inside of the Box is Lined with Black Velvet.

Price: Only $22.99! (USD)


Rectangular Wooden/Copper Box

RB63-Wooden Maple Leaves Box
Lovely Rectangular Copper and Wooden Box with an Intricate Maple Leaves Design on the Front. The Inside is Lined with a Soft, Black Velvet.

Price: Only $32.99! (USD)


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