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Contents of Shopping Cart
Product Qty.
MN212-Two Strand Wood/Bone Choker 1
50162-Rogers' Chocolates Special Selection 1
NC6-Clay Sun Cord Pendant 1
9401-003-Eagle Christmas Tree Ball 1
DH4041-14KY Diamond Bear Dangles 1
1551531844-'Vancouver Panorama' Softcover Book 1
3046A-9 1
AC586- 1
7441A-Copper 1
5520R-Red Maple Leaf Silk Tie 1
1045165-Whale Jade Necklace 1
CP2SAV34-Buttercream Maple Leaf Soap 1
10204-Colorful Leaves Tote Bag 1
53005-Raven T-Towel 1
AC575- 1
07305-'Morrie' Moose in Mini Can 1
4324A-6 1
04306-Rosewood Maple Leaf Coaster 1
2074-Women's Sweide Ankle Boots 1
M503-Pewter Maple Leaf Money Clip 1
L3 (V)-Pewter Salmon Letter Opener 1
TM29H-Eagle Travel Mug 1
53014-Ravin Shot Glass 1
155153181X-'Portrait of BC' Softcover Book 1
02193-Thunderbird/Bear Totem Pole 1
3080A-9 1
522Z-Inukshuk Cord Pendant 1
04260-Rosewood Sun Mask Trivet 1
JC900-18 Maple Cream Cookies 1
MB-330-AUT-330g Maple Butter 1
51207-Salmon Delux Tote Bag 1
DP4106-Little Leaf Diamond Necklace 1
6-18X/041-12 Tea Bags Maple Tea 1
1551531909-'The Canadian Rockies' Hardcover Book 1
10200-Colorful Leaves T-Towel 1

Subtotal: $1,185.54


If you would like something truly stunning in beauty and originality, then don't forgot to navigate through this ornament section, which features a large variety of Canadiana ornaments.  Not only do these ornaments make wonderful collector items and Christmas gifts, but also make wonderful souvenirs from Canada.  Whether you decide on the 24K gold dipped, or the silver and iridescent leaves, or the hand painted Christmas Balls, we assure you that you will be extremely pleased with the purchase. 

Hot Sellers!

Iridescent Sugar Maple Leaf Ornament with Silhouette

368I-Iridescent Maple Silhouette Ornament
Real Sugar Maple Leaf Ornament with Sugar Maple Leaf Silhouette Preserved in 24K Gold, with a Glint of Silver and Copper to Give it an Iridescent Look. This is a Stunning Piece with all the Colors Shining Through!

Price: Only $18.99! (USD)


Box of 3 Maple Leaf Ornaments

297-Set of 3 Maple Ornaments
Set of 3 Sugar Maple Leaf Ornaments in Gold, Iridescent, and Silver. Has a Great Value and Makes a Beautiful Gift! Highly Recommended!!

Price: Only $44.99! (USD)


Native Eagle Christmas Ornament

9401-003-Eagle Christmas Tree Ball
Native Eagle Christmas Tree Ball Hand-Painted from the Inside! Artist's Name is Jamie Sterritt who is a Member of the Gitksan Nation. It's an Amazing Work of Art! Each Ornament Comes in a Lovely Red Silky Box!

Price: Only $16.99! (USD)


Gold Maple Leaf Christmas Ornament

1000G-Gold Leaves Christmas Tree Ball
Gold Maple Leaf Christmas Tree Ball Ornament that is Hand-Painted from the Inside! It's an Amazing Work of Art with a Lot of Detail! Each Ornament Comes in a Lovely Red Silky Box! Name Dropped Vancouver, Canada. **SOLD OUT IN GOLD. Available only in White!

Price: Only $16.99! (USD)


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