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9404-001-Inukshuk Christmas Tree Ball 1
9404-004-Caribou Christmas Tree Ball 1
TM29H-Eagle Travel Mug 1
RC-KC-02-RCMP Moose Keychain 1
7599947-Medium Cedar Inukshuk 1
1000G-Gold Leaves Christmas Tree Ball 1
9401-001-Raven Christmas Tree Ball 1
8021007-Dolphin Necklace 1
9408-008-Autumn Spirit Christmas Tree Ball 1
9401-003-Eagle Christmas Tree Ball 1
9404-003-Polar Bear Christmas Tree Ball 1
15390-Men's Camel Moccassins w/Sole 1

Subtotal: $289.88

For the Bathroom

This section features items that serve a purpose in the bathroom.  We carry a variety of soaps, as well as a Brand New line of West Coast Body Care Products! 

Our collection of soaps features hilarious locally made 'Moose Spit' and 'Bear Butt' Soap, as well as elegant looking maple leaf shaped soaps that come in a wide range of colors and quantities.  Our line of Body Care products fearures the highest quality of shampoo and conditioner in lovely Maple Leaf shaped bottles, as well as a full range of spa-quality body care items that includes body wash, moisturizer, bath salts, shaving creams, and much more! 

Don't miss out on all the lovely things this category has to offer!

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