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Contents of Shopping Cart
Product Qty.
724-500ml Classic Glass Maple Syrup 1
T201-125ml Tin Maple Syrup 1
PL100-5XHH-5-Pack 100ml Maple Syrup Jug 1
T204-250ml Single Tin Maple Syrup 1
T204/2-2-Pack 125ml Tin Maple Syrup 1
7599947-Medium Cedar Inukshuk 1
08757-Maple Leaf Pouch 1
T206-500ml Single Tin Maple Syrup 1
F29-Leather Zipper Pouch 1
CG9-Set of 6 Glass Eagle Coasters 1
719-100ml Classic Glass Maple Syrup 1

Subtotal: $181.89


Red Sherpa Eagle Blanket

ESBBE-Red Eagle Blanket
Unique and Very Warm Red Sherpa Blanket with an Eagle Motif by the Artist Corey Bulpitt.

Price: Only $89.99! (USD)


Navy Blue Sherpa Raven Dancer Blanket

ESBSR-Navy Raven Dancer Blanket
Authentic Native Designed Warm Navy Blue Sherpa Blanket with a Raven Dancer Motif by the Artist Terry Starr.

Price: Only $89.99! (USD)


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