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Contents of Shopping Cart
Product Qty.
7769A- 1
MS-5P-5 pcs. Maple Sugar Candy 1
8021007-Dolphin Necklace 1
04260-Rosewood Sun Mask Trivet 1
53011-Set of 4 Raven Coasters 1
10204-Colorful Leaves Tote Bag 1
DC301BR-Brown Beaded Dreamcatcher 1
10200-Colorful Leaves T-Towel 1
CG9-Set of 6 Glass Eagle Coasters 1
08700-Maple Leaf Oven Mit 1
66570-'The Simpsons' Bottle Opener 1
51207-Salmon Delux Tote Bag 1
04321-1-Moose Ivory Grinder 1
CP2SAV34-Buttercream Maple Leaf Soap 1
51521-Bear Box Trivet 1
02193-Thunderbird/Bear Totem Pole 1
04204-Raven Spirit Box 1
08757-Maple Leaf Pouch 1
04306-Rosewood Maple Leaf Coaster 1
TM29H-Eagle Travel Mug 1
53014-Ravin Shot Glass 1
7599101-Small Cedar Maple Leaf Box 1
R021-2.5-2.5" Jade Bear 1
53005-Raven T-Towel 1
BEAR-Wooden Bear Claws 1
F29-Leather Zipper Pouch 1
70701-Two-in-One Toy 1
07305-'Morrie' Moose in Mini Can 1
RC-MP-21-11" RCMP Black Bear 1
K310-Pewter Orca Keyring 1
HW-01-7 1
2226ZP-Maple Leaf w/Smile Zipper Pull 1
MB-13H-6 1
WM-02- Large Wall Moose-Head 1

Subtotal: $767.65


Black Resin Native Cribbage Board

04701-Resin Cribbage Board
Get Creative With this Breathtaking Native Design Cribbage Board that is Made from Black Resin. This is a Product of Canada and it This Makes a Fantastic Gift!!

Price: Only $79.99! (USD)


Black Resin and Pewter Native Cribbage Board

04702-Pewter Cribbage Board
Go to the Next Level with this Spectacular Native Design Cribbage Board that is Made from Canandian Pewter and Black Resin. This Truly Makes a Fantastic Gift!! This is a Product of Canada and Highly Recommended!!

Price: Only $109.99! (USD)


Chess Set with Board

CHESS-Chess Set
Exclusive One of a Kind Canadian Made Chess Set with Hand Carved Native Pieces Made Out of Resin. Chess Set has a Storage Place Below for the Pieces. This is a Highly Recommended Item for those who Enjoy the Game, and even those who Collect Rare and Interesting Items!

Price: Only $799.00! (USD)


Raven Playing Cards

45001-Raven Playing Cards
If You Would Like a Touch of the Westcoast While Enjoying a Game of Cards, then these Native Raven Playing Cards Should do the Trick! This Makes a Great Gift!!

Price: Only $4.99! (USD)


Salmon Playing Cards

51200-Salmon Playing Cards
If You Would Like to Add Some Flavour of the Westcoast into Your Card Games, then Consider these Beautifully Designed Native Salmon Playing Cards by the Artist Anthony Joseph. They Make a Great Souvenir!!

Price: Only $4.99! (USD)


Bear Box Playing Cards

51526-Bear Box Playing Cards
Add a Touch of Tradition and Culture to your Game of Cards with These Bear Box Playing Cards by the Artist Clifton Fred. These Make a Great Gift!!

Price: Only $4.99! (USD)


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