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Vancouver Log Cabin

41939-Canada Log Cabin Kit
If You Like Using Your Hands then Check Out this Vancouver, Canada Log Cabin Kit that Comes will the Glue and all the Other Necessary Components to Build the Cabin.

Price: Only $21.99! (USD)


Vancouver Mini Log Cabin

41940-Canada Mini Log Cabin Kit
Have Fun While Building Your Very Own Vancouver, B.C. Mini Log Cabin! It Comes with Glue and all the Necesaary Components to Build the Cabin.

Price: Only $12.99! (USD)


Large Canadian Log Birdhouse

41941-Canadian Log Birdhouse Kit
Assemble Your Very Own Large Canadian Log Birdhouse that Comes with Glue and All the Necessary Compenents Required to Build it.

Price: Only $32.99! (USD)


Canada Log Fort

41906-Canada Log Fort Kit
Have Fun While Assembling your Very Own Canada Log Fort! This Kit Comes with the Glue and all the Necessary Components for Building the Fort.

Price: Only $32.99! (USD)


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