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Glacier Pearle

Our collection of Glacier Pearle jewelry, which is also known as the 'Jewel of Nature,' has been inspired by the compelling beauty of the natural abalone shell.  Like a rainbow captured for all time in a vibrant blue glacier, Glacier Pearle jewelry features a kaleidoscope of rich pinks, yellows, and greens against a background of pearly iridescence. 

Abalone has long been popular for jewelry and ceremonial ornamentation.  Often used to highlight the totemic masks and poles of the Northwest Coats Indians, abalone is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity.  After carefully choosing only the finest quality abalone, our artisans begin the laborious process of removing the thick outer crust to reveal the natural beauty which lies within.  Many of our jewelry designs reflect the natural world around us.  From simple flowing shapes, Native inspired tribal designs, and Canadian wildlife designs, our objective is to offer a contemporary jewelry collection that captures the natural beauty of the hand polished shell.  The endless variety of colors and patterns created by nature in combination with teh handwork of our artisans make each piece of Glacier Pearle unique!

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