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Contents of Shopping Cart
Product Qty.
6-18X/026-12 Tea Bags Ice Wine Tea 1
1045165-Whale Jade Necklace 1
CF-250-AUT-250g Maple Coffee 1
NC6-Clay Sun Cord Pendant 1
3080A-9 1
7440A- Copper 1
DR4060-Mother and Cub Diamond Ring 1
7589A- 1
717 - 50ml Classic Glass Maple Syrup 1
DH4041-14KY Diamond Bear Dangles 1
4324A-6 1
MN212-Two Strand Wood/Bone Choker 1
AFM575- 1
3046A-9 1
6-18X/041-12 Tea Bags Maple Tea 1
1021074-Jade Polar Bear Necklace 1
T204-250ml Single Tin Maple Syrup 1
522Z-Inukshuk Cord Pendant 1
AC575- 1
DP4106-Little Leaf Diamond Necklace 1
1011030-Maple Leaf Studs 1
AFM344- 1
0731-227g Smoked Salmon 1
7441A-Copper 1
7444A-Copper 1

Subtotal: $1,237.78


Encompassing the ever-so unique quality of not tarnishing, our 100% lead free and high quality Canadian Pewter makes a pefect gift!  Coming in a many Native and Canadiana designs, we offer a large variety of jewelry items in pewter for both men and women.  Set at very reasonable prices, pewter items are extremely popular and sought after.  Make sure to navigate the entire section!

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