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**To Purchase a exquisite and rare piece of Ammolite please call the store at 604-687-4781 today!!

A rare, highly prized gem that is polished from the fossilized shell of Ammonite, comes Ammolite!  Southern Alberta is the world's ONLY source of gem-quality Ammonite, making Ammolite a unique momento of Canada and her fascinating prehistoric past.  Handcrafted in solid 14K yellow or white gold, our original, timeless designs complement this stunning array of natural color.  Each Ammolite piece that is bought, is accompanied by Aurora's exclusive lifetime guarantee. 

The Ammolite jewelry showcases the fossilized remains of a hard-shelled marine creature, called Ammonite, which lived 75 million years ago in the shallow inland seas of prehistoric North America.  Over millions of years, geological conditions unique to the area have transformed the fossils into gem quality specimens, found nowhere else on the planet.

Designed and handcrafted in the Aurora Canadian Diamond Studio at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta, each piece bears Aurora's exclusive "A-Shield" hallmark as your assurance of authenticity and guaranteed quality. 

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